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Art and Community Service at East

While there are many things to share, a couple of highlights that add value to our typical learning experience for students include the recent 5th grade student Davinci Exploration through a partnership with the Bay City Arts Center and our recent “Service to the Community” projects.

For the Davinci Project, students created a unique invention piece from “found” materials provided by the Arts Center and their team of volunteers. After planning and design phases, student went onsite to complete their work and test their results. This creative and imaginative experience helped students see the connection from design to completion, using innovation, revision, and personal choice.

We partnered with several different agencies during the holiday season. We were able to bring in 1,100 pounds of food for our community. That food went to the Tillamook Food Bank. Hampton Lumber provided over 50 pairs of shoes for needy students. Tillamook School of Dance provided gifts for 60+ students and families in need in our community. These projects were “little things that make a big difference” both for those that receive, but also for those that give. Grit. Gratitude. Grace.

Classroom Pets at Liberty

Multiple teachers have chosen to incorporate a classroom pet into their instructional environment. These additions add both joy and a sense of responsibility to the classroom community. Teachers who currently have pets were asked to report the impact this experience has had, and here is what they have reported:
Mrs. Messick: Toast, our bearded dragon, is part of our classroom community; helping us learn life skills and having fun while we do it. Not only are the kids learning the responsibilities of pet ownership but they are also learning how to be safe and respectful around all life in our room. Toast is just like having another student in the room!
Miss Shabanian: Bringing a class pet into our classroom has been one of the best things I have ever done for my students. Having a class pet has brought my students together, it helps the classroom feel more like a School Family. Our Bearded Dragon, Butterz, provides endless inspiration for writing, reading, art, and science. Butterz can also be very calming to students with anxiety or who have flipped their lid and need something comforting to occupy their minds. Having a class pet has also helped the students to learn about responsibility and ownership.
Mrs. Hahn: Jessie and Taylah, room 1's leopard geckos have been a wonderful addition to our school family! Kids have learned about many aspects of having pets; from cleaning the cage, to feeding live worms and crickets. We have also had many discussions about reptiles' growth and their frequent shedding. My students, and students from other classrooms, work hard for a chance to hold and read to one of our geckos during read to self time. The students also enjoy sharing the stories that they have written with our little ladies! We have used them for measuring and math equations too!!! More than once, I have watched students with many "unexpected" behaviors completely calm themselves and gently hold/pet one of them. "Our loud voices are scaring the lizards" reminders work wonders!
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Dual Language at South Prairie

Students in our 3rd grade dual language classroom have taken the month of January to learn about equity and fostering productive conversations with people who may have different viewpoints than their own. With the support of our Artist in Residence, Leeauna Perry, the students in Mr. Chun-Sajqui’s class made equality posters featuring civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr. Half of the poster was completed in English and the other half in Spanish. Students celebrated the idea that all different backgrounds, no matter the race or religion. deserve equal rights.
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Canned Food Drive & Food Pantry at the Junior High

The new year is upon the Lions and we are giving back to our community. We are in the middle of our annual Canned Food Drive for the TJHS School Food Pantry. Discovery classes are competing and there are class points available to the winners. Well-fed kids are able to learn and contribute to their success at school!

Donations are always accepted in our Family Resource Center. You can contact Molly Sappington at extension 3205 to help stock our pantry which serves the students/families of TJHS and East. On average, 50 kids use the Pantry each week.

Focus items include Chicken Noodle Soup, Beef Stew, peanut butter, Hamburger Helper, Rice-A-Roni, Pancake Mix with syrup, granola bars and instant oatmeal. These are things our kids can make for themselves, or younger siblings, if needed.
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Trask River Agricultural Program (T.R.A.P) Hosts Expert on Animal Sciences

On December 17, 2019, students atTrask River High School were introduced to some new “friends!” Mr. Mark Roberts, teacher at Tillamook High School (and son of our T.R.A.P. director, Mrs. Cris Roberts), came to share with our Agriculture students his knowledge and experience of keeping exotic animals. He brought with him a number of his own animals. Some of the animals were purchased by Mr. Roberts, and some were given to him by people who no longer wanted to care for them. Mark brought in a rabbit, Ball Python, Hedgehog, Ferrets, and Geckos. Students spent two hours learning about animal science and interacting with the animals. The students were interested, engaged and excited to handle and learn about these animals. Special thanks to Mr. Roberts for bringing in his animals, Mr. James Sapper, Camp Tillamook Superintendent, for facilitating the bringing of animals into a closed facility, and Mrs. Roberts for continuing her commitment to exposing our students to unique learning opportunities.

National Honor’s Society Organizes Hygiene Drive

Tillamook High School's National Honor Society was able to collect nearly 4,000 donations during the Hygiene Drive from January 13-17. All supplies will be made available through the school's Food Pantry for anyone in need.
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Roby’s Helps Out at THS

Roby's Furniture and Appliance donated their time and effort during their Serve Day on January 22nd to spruce up different areas around the High School's gym The results look great!
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Tillamook High School Boy’s and Girl’s basketball programs would like to personally thank all involved in our first-ever basketball tournament in Tillamook on January 3rd and 4th. Both Boy’s and Girl’s Varsity teams won their bracket as well as the Boy’s JV team! All-Tournament selections from the Tillamook boy’s side were Kellen Shelley and Marshall Allen. Tillamook girls were well-represented with Lexie Crabtree and Lexie Braxling earning All-Tournament honors. This will be the first of many tournaments as we plan to expand the field next year from 4 to 8 Varsity teams for both Boys and Girls as well as lower-level play! This is scheduled for December 21-23, 2020! Local sponsors that helped and supported getting this tournament started and continuing include: Roby’s Furniture, Pacific Seafood, Werner Gourmet & Meat Snacks, Tillamook Cheese Factory, Tillamook Country Smoker, Main Street Pizza, P.S.I., Oceanside Beach Rentals, Tillamook Fairgrounds, and Tillamook Boosters & other local support!

Special thanks to Roby’s Furniture for providing help and support in many different areas! Please come out and support our basketball programs as they continue in their pursuit of extending their season!

Go Mooks!
Greg Werner

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