The Red Balloon

By: Albert Lamorisse

Pascal found a the 'Red Balloon' when he was walking to school one day.(see Fig. 1). It was tied to a lamppost(He was also late for school(see Fig. 2.). When he got into school, he couldn't pay attention to his schoolwork, so the principal locked him in his office(and also the so-called Red Balloon had to be outside). So, anyway, he had to be locked inside the principal's office while the Red Balloon followed the principal around town on his daily errands. After school, the principal let him out. Unfortunately, there were some bullies waiting for him. They tried to assault the Red Balloon and Pascal, but he was fast. Soon, Pascal had outran them, but they split up(oh no!).So, Pascal was running down the alleyway, but then he bumped into part of the gang. So he ran the other way, but then he bumped into another part of the gang. He kept running until he was surrounded. They eventually popped the red balloon, so Pascal was so very sad. But then came the exciting part... a revolt of...oh, never mind, I'll let you find out the rest!

Read/watch the Red Balloon to find out what happened!

By Aaron Zhang