A Book To Be Forgotten

A Separate Peace

Short Summary

Gene and Finny are two boys who are best friends living in 1942, at the peak of World War II. The idea that the boys will most likely be drafted when they turn eighteen is surrounding them, and they are practically forced to live their lives to the fullest. The two boys attend the Devon School, which prepares them for military life that they will most likely be subjected to, but also persuades the boys that some aspects of the war is "sissy" like. An older Gene, travels back to Devon years later in the beginning of the book and he reflects on his memories he had there including the tree and summer that changed his way of life and thinking.


A Separate Peace by John Knowles should be banned from 10th grade classrooms.

The book contains

-offensive language

-sexual content

-affects on society because of the war, almost discouraging it

-disturbing relationship between two friends

-jealousy and hatred

Would you encourage or want your child to read a book with these qualities?

Think about it and become part of us concerned parents.

Join Us

Go to our facebook page Ban A Separate Peace and add us as a friend. As a parent committee we will be updating the page constantly about meetings and information on the book. Our goal is to take this issue on banning this book to the school board and saving our children from learning this challenged book. Also look around town for posters on upcoming meetings and discussions.