Coniferous Forest/Taiga

Exploring biomes


Located in North America and Eurasia


The temperature can range from -14 - 72 degrees Fahrenheit

5 plants that grow in this biome are Coniferous, pines, oak, maple, and elm trees

5 animals that live in this biome are Mooses, Lynx, bears, wolverines, and foxes

Interesting facts

Things I found interesting about coniferous forest/ taiga are for 6 months out of the year, the temperature in the taiga biome is below freezing ; scientists believe that the taiga biome was completely covered by glaciers once ; the temperature change in the taiga is extreme it is either summer (hot) or winter (cold) ; fires are very common in the taiga biome as they are full of trees ; fires are necessary to rid the area of old and sick trees.


The average precipitation is 12-33 inches, the total amount per year ranges from 33 to 85 centimeters

Interesting video on the coniferous forest/taiga