Archives War

Sarah Yakum - Moffet 6th

On March 1842 Mexican officials were upset about Lamar's administration. So they sent General Rafael Vasquez with 700 soldiers they attacked Texas cities. In fear of Mexicans attacking the capitol ( which was in Austin at the time ). Sam Houston ordered government archives be removed from Austin sent to Houston until Austin was safe again. One citizen stated, " We the people feared Sam Houston wanted to move the capitol to Houston so we did what we knew best and created a group to stop them." Sam Houston sent officials to load wagons but to not fight the citizens. As the officials loaded up the wagons with the capitol documents Angelina Eberly led others to fire cannons at the officials. Only a few shots were fired before the officials left the documents to please Sam Houston's wishes. The archives stayed in Austin and left in peace until the capitol became Austin again in 1844.