Ponyboy where is he now

Ponyboy curtis

Where is pony boy at?

He moved to the country like he wanted to he finished school and went to college. After he finished school he moved to the country like he wanted to because he said it would feel nice to live in the country darry wouldnt have to work as much and sodapop would have mickey mouse which is a horse.

He visits the hospital every saturday

He wants other people to feel good about themselves if they survive a tragic accident. He always brings joy to the ones that are in the hospital. He also brings two bit and the soda pop and darry to his tombstone.

Some of the people that cared about him a lot.

Asked question to ponyboy

Does pony boy still smoke? Maybe not I dont known that will be a mystery does he smoke he smokes when he is worried or afraid. "We beat the socs for you johnny"

Pony boys life

Thats ponyboys life at where he is at now.