earth 2.0 think again

Kepler 10b is not inhabitable for human life

What is Kepler 10b

Kepler 10b is almost a another earth. people say its our new heaven. but infact its only

in a good distance from its main star, thats the only reason we say its a new earth. but in reality its like a huge volcano. if we all were to go to Kepler we would burn to a crisp. that planet is up to 2500 degrees. Kepler is one of many contenders for earth 2.0

Kepler is a bad idea!

from our evidence you may be able to see that KEPLER 10B IS DANGEROUS. we have some equations for you to help. one of the few is what is keeper's g. g is acceleration due to gravity. with the equation g=G*m2/r squared our g for this is 14.97. now that we have that lets do some math how much would you weigh on this planet if you weighed a even 100 pounds convert that to kilograms you have 45.36 now multiply that by our g giving us 679.04 kilograms if you were wondering it is 1497.02 pounds.