Green Career

Ethical Clothing


One advantage of ethical clothing you are recyclable material, so you re using materials that were already used. Another advantage is that we are saving nature gases. One disadvantage is that not everyone recycles.

How much you would make

$22.25 per hour or

$46,280 per year

Education necessary to do the job successfully/Job Description and Duties

GCSE-(A level in marine biology)

He has to ship the clothing, to the buyer. Orders , The PR , Book keeping.


One reason that this interests me, is that I love to help the Eco system . Another reason that this gob interest me is that they are using recyclable materials. Another reason this career interests me is that you will get to work out side allot.

Description of ethical clothing

  • Ethical clothing is recyclable material turned into clothing
  • They test daily used things to make the strongest and most durable material
  • To have a great start you must study for a long time

Interesting facts

Tom Kay founded a company from his bedroom with only a computer.