ORVA Local ReReg & Marketing Update

May 2015

Month in Review- April

It's been a busy month as marketing is making improvements for the 2015/16 school year enrollment process, implementing re-registration efforts, adding new teachers to the marketing POC team, preparing for ORVA's new website launch, and having fun weekends hosting events!

Below is a snapshot of where local marketing has been this month and what's coming up. Your thoughts and ideas on local opportunities and student stories are always welcome. Please continue to send them my way! ~Sarah

Community Outreach and Info Events

  • Weekly Online Information Sessions- Hosted by Jamie Stiles, Katy Pointer, Patti Voelker, and Heather Colbert
  • YMCA Pear Blossom Open House- Lisa Jaroslow
  • YMCA Healthy Kids' Day- Dawn Tornquist

Retention Campaigns & Events

  • ORVA Spelling Bee- Hosted by Tim Batiuk
  • Outings!!! Nice work, EVERYONE!

Reregistration Events

  • At the 10 May bowling events, a teacher laptop should be set up for parents to come over to indicate Yes/No, and for the teacher to select it for them in TVS. ORVA lanyards will be available for distribution to families.

Re-Reg Best Practice!

Thank you to Brenna Gross for the helpful hint about how to easily sort your class to make specific outreach to your "Unknown" Re-Reg students! See the photo below.
  1. Go into TVS
  2. Open your homeroom and click on students (this is what you do for notes)
  3. Click on registration status, and it will sort the class by registering, not registering, and unknown.
  4. With just 1 click once you're viewing their homeroom, all of the students are listed and you can just click on those unknowns and kmail them.

If you have a BP for Re-Reg, feel free to share it by emailing samcafee@k12.com !

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Re-Registration Help

Click here to view the step-by-step video and flyer to assist your families.

Current Re-Reg Response Rates -May 4th- School Average= 76.35%

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Congratulations to the 80% Reregistration Response Club Teachers!

The following teachers will be receiving ORVA goodies at the June F2F! Thank you!

  • Lisa Jaroslow 82.76%
  • Lani Chroninger 82.22%
  • Ashley Parrish 84.48%
  • Tyler Martin 80.70%
  • Katy Pointer 83.33%
  • Brenna Gross 100.00%
  • Patti Voelker 80.00%
  • Cindy Dauer 100.00%
  • Bonnie Raleigh 80.77%
  • Sarah Lishka 98.11%
  • Leigh Berg 90.00%
  • Lindsay Martinez 88.00%
  • Heather Colbert 94.00%
  • James Hawkins 84.31%
  • Jason Isbell- 95.65%
  • Natalie Conway- 83.33%
  • Carrie Hunter- 85.71%
  • Bonnie Raleigh 85.71%
  • Jamie Voelker 100%
  • Kelli Moffett 90%
  • Sarah Molloy 96%

Announcing the Grand Prize Raffle Winners!

You'll be contacted to get started on ordering your prizes!
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Explore the New ORVA Website!

Click here to familiarize yourself with your new website!

Looking Ahead- May Marketing Events

Click Here for Upcoming Events

Here we provide a listing of all of the event types currently available for ORVA outreach.