Turbulent vs. Laminar Flow

By: Neetu

Turbulent Flow

Turbulent flow is the flow which does not flow smoothly. This flow is really choppy. Its the interruption flow. Example, when water flows over some rocks. Turbulent flow in rivers, oceans and lakes provides oxygen to the water. Fish living in the water use the oxygen to survive. When the water hits a rock its turbulent but the water right behind that rock is calm, and that's called and eddy. Turbulent flow in the human body can cause blood clots. They can cause heart failure overtime.

Laminar Flow

Laminar flow is the opposite of turbulent flow. This flow is the smooth and regular flow. Examples, water flowing in an ocean, an aerodynamic car cutting through the air. Laminar air will flow around the wing of a plane to make it move quickly. Laminar flow is the blood in our body, its regular flow. This flow allows fluids to move along quickly with less energy.