By: Alex Taylor


The population in Yemen in 2013 was an estimated 24.41 million people.
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Yemen's primary religion is Islam. According to wikipedia 99% of Yemenis are muslims.
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The language of Yemen is Arabic


Yemen has made the development of education their number 1 priority. 32.8% of Yemen's government spending is on education. Although Yemen's poverty has become an issue in the educational system, The government is doing anything they can to push education in the country.
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Economy and Main Industries

GDP: 54.85 million

Poor country

The industries in Yemen include agriculture, fishing, oil, manufacturing, and tourism.

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Sports and Entertainment

There aren't many sports in Yemen, however the country does have a solid soccer fanbase.

The Yeminis enjoy movies and other cinema to entertain themselves. Also with soccer being such a popular sport many citizens of the country enjoy watching the Yemini league.

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Physical Features:Along its Red Sea coast there's a flat sandy plain that extends the length of the country. The Gulf of Aden coastline is covered by a narrow, rocky, and relatively flat plain, fronted by hills that rise into the rugged mountains, central and west.

Landmarks and Tourist Attractions: Yemen's tourists attractions include Ghundan Palace, Cisterns of Tawila, and the National Museum of Yemen.

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Life of Yemen Residents

In Yemen you might start out the day with a cheap fulfilling meal of beans and bread mixed with various spices. If you are a child you would go to school or forgo it to work to support your family. The local square in the corner of your city is a common meeting are where friends and family would discuss the latest stories and other news. After hard work is done you might find one or two citizens playing with their camels.
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Mostly desert and extraordinarily hot.


There is no true government after the 2014–15 coup d'état, In which armed men from a group named Houthis seized control of the Yemeni government.