Reserch Stuff

by Morgan Clevenger

Why do we need to cite our sources?

You need to cite your sources because you have to give credit to the author whom you are using there work, and if your not citing then its considered plagiarism and plagiarism is when you use other peoples ideas without giving them any credit. Ways to prevent plagiarism is by listing the link in your paragraph. Another way of preventing plagiarism is by using in text citations. In text citations is when in the middle of your paragraph when your done writing your quote you put a open parentheses then the authors last name and page number and then a closing parentheses but if there is no author then you put the name of the article. The last way to avoid plagiarism is to not copy and paste sentences for your work, just read it and put it in your own words.

What is the difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and summerizing?

Quoting: Quoting means you can take something from a website but you have to quote it and add who its by or what website it came from. EXAMPLES: If i was writing a paper about school here would be my quote:" People may not love school, but lots of people go to school. In fact, over 78 million kids, teens, and adults enroll in school each year." (

Paraphrasing: Paraphrasing is when you take a sentence in an article and you change words to make it different. EXAMPLE: Original- Your info-graphic is due Monday.

Paraphrased- Make sure your info-graphic is

Turned in to me on Monday.

Summarizing: Summarizing is like paraphrasing but your only your own words you not going back to look at the article to make sure you didn't say the same thing and if you're not looking at the article. You shouldn't have the exact sentence, but when you do a summery just make sure your not using the article so you don't have the exact words or same order.

How to gather relevant imformation

To gather relevant information you have to make sure your information goes with your topic and you have to look at the summary in what the article is about. You can also go to advance search, if your in google you can do a minus sign for what you don't want and a plus sigh for what you do want. For example if i was researching dogs, and i didn't want news i would put~dogs -news.


When using keywords you need to make sure that you don't put the whole question. EXAMPLE: What was the curse of the Bambi-no? Instead you can put Curse of Bambi-no. You don't want to put the sentence because if you are searching in google it takes out words it wants to so you may not be getting the best websites for your research.


Whats MLA citation?

If you got to or on the right side on the top you click on citations when your on an article that matches your question then you scroll down to MLA which will give you a citation for that site so you don't get in trouble for plagiarism. You need that because it gives that correct sources. Did you know that MLA stands for Modern Language Association, and we use MLA because its the best way to cite your sources for research at Lakeview Middle School.

How do you tell if a website is credibal?

To tell if its credible you need to make sure that you can tell who the author is, you can also look at the end of the website URL like .com, .org, and .gov. Also to tell if a website is credible is my telling if you can match the information too 2 different sites. For a website to be credible you need to make sure the links on the website match the information its provides on the website. The last thing to tell if its credible is if it has a date listed.