Food Stamp Fraudulence

How many people steal from food benefit programs?

Abused Help

It is widely known that people who don't necessarily need food stamps, have them. Which causes an uproar due to the fact that some people who need food stamps, can't get them- yet other people who don't need them, get them. Just as some people who receive child support, use the money to buy a new purse or for other selfish reasons.

You're paying for other people to not work

Yes, most people who use food stamps need it due to low income. However, fraud is real and many people do it. People are getting large pay checks, and getting food stamps simply because they write down their spouses pay instead of their own- why don't these people get caught? Why am I forced to pay taxes providing the money for the 79.8 billion dollar scam that is food stamps? Willingly helping someone else is one thing, but if the government isn't regulating and checking who gets food stamps, how am I suppose to support it? If I don't know where my money is going, I'm not agreeing to it.

It'd be a-okay if people not only needed food stamps, but used them for what they're intended for.

Selling food stamp benefits

The Question is: How many people are really abusing food stamps?

The fact is, not many abuse food stamps (and get caught anyway). However, the amount of people that do abuse benefit programs has tax payers in an uproar.

Governor Romney stated almost half of all food stamp users, are abusers.

The true question isn't how many people abuse food stamps, but how much money is stolen.

In 2011, the total amount of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) spending was $129 billion. Over 300 Americans received benefits while they had "insufficient, contradictory, or incomplete evidence" supporting their needs for beneficial programs.

The "monitoring" system for getting benefits are extraordinarily lacking considering the average lifetime benefits total $300,000.

In Oklahoma city, about 5,400 cases were submitted for benefits and almost 90% were approved for more than 1.6 billion dollars in total lifetime benefits. How many of those people do you think are lying? We have yet to find out because the security for "free money" is lacking.

Where I live, in Delaware, there are 44,879 households receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Luckily there are a total of 337,245 houses in Delaware, so 44,879 houses can be put into the total houses 7.51 times. However, out of the 44,979, 32,817 work. So, what's happening to the 12,062 that aren't working? Are they able to work? Are they not able to work? We won't know, because security on benefit programs is still lacking.

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Why, in Maine in 2014, are welfare beneficiaries getting more money than the working people?