Semester Review 2

Logan Mitchell


  • Looked further into the world
  • Discovered mountains on the moon

Nepoleon's Blunders

  • Left his brother in charge of Spain
  • Could not defeat the British

John Locke

  • Natural rights
  • "Father of classical liberalism"

Treaty of Versailles

  • Ended war
  • Agreement of 1918

Isaac Newton

  • Laws of Motion
  • Philosopher

Reign of Terror

  • Period of Violence
  • Led by Robespierre


  • French Lawyer
  • Studied government

Congress of Vienna

  • Congress of embassadors
  • Balanced powers in europe

Ferdinand Magnellan

  • Portuguese explorer
  • First person to circumnavigate the world

Martin Luther

  • Posted the 95 these
  • Went against the church