Both Physical and Psychological

My Thematic Statement

It does not matter, how much physical pain and torture one can withhold. The psychological violence is what hurts the most. In the novel 1984, Winston and Julia are captured. While in captivity, they are severely tortured, Julia gives up Winston right away. While Winston is doing everything in his being to hold Julia a secret. It is not until Winston is told, by the men torturing him, that Julia had ratted him out long ago. Shortly after he is presented in front of a mirror, naked, beaten, and bloody. The second he takes all this in, he breaks down instantly and gives these people the story the had been waiting for. He tells them everything he could about the two, and their sexual practices. See it was not the physical violence that made Winston give in, but it was the psychological, violent mind games they played with him. The second he felt betrayed, he let loose and unleashed everything he had hid, for so long. He could not stand the sight of himself or the head games they played, and Winstons demise started shortly after.


1) " What have you done with Julia?" said Winston.

O'Brien smiled again. "She betrayed you, Winston. Immediately-unreservedly. I have seldom seen come over to us so promptly. You would hardly recognize her if you saw her. All her rebelliousness, her deceit, her folly, her dirty-mindedness-everything has been burned out of her. It was perfect conversation, a textbook case. "You tortured her?"

This proves the Julia had gave him up easily and his demise followed shortly after.

2) He had stopped because he was frightened. A bowed, Grey colored, Skeleton-like thing was coming towards him. Its actual appearance was frightening, and not merely the fact that he knew it to be himself. He moved closer to the glass.... At a guess he said that it was the body of a man of sixty, suffering from some malignant disease. It was himself.

This just goes to show how he broke down after seeing himself in the glass. He then told everything the next time the officers had come to him. The psychological part of him gave it all up, after being betrayed and now seeing his image in the glass, it proved to be to much for Winston.

Linking Media

Below are the torture tactics , both physical and psychological , that Americans use daily on terrorist captive in Guantanamo bay. These get the terrorists to talk and give up other people and threats.