Weekly Tech Update 10/5 to 10/9

Kami 👍! Still kinks in Google Classroom

Well, here is some good news. Kami appears to be up and running! From the volume of requests, I'd say you guys are off to a great start with it. Hopefully, the tutorials helped last week, as well as those activities to help your students get accustomed to the tools in Kami. The main thing is to make sure that the students have that extension installed. It will make everyone's life a little easier. Those videos and activities are archived on the Empower Web Page. Some of you have also figured out how to split and merge pdf's using the Kami split merge tool! Others of you have even figured out how to use Kami as your new Smart Notebook. Instead of uploading stuff to Smart Notebook, you can upload files directly to Kami and annotate right on them. Kami will also let you upload those Microsoft Word Docs and keep the formatting the same. This way you don't have to worry about converting it over Google docs and fixing those minor formatting issues. TIME SAVER!

Now for the current kink. There is a known issue with the notifications out of Google Classroom. Ms. Eger is aware of this and is working with MORIC to see what can be done, per her instructional update from 9/28. I would highly recommend that if you want your students to communicate with you, have them email you or use the Parent Square app. I know it isn't convenient, but the alternative is for you to manually go through your classrooms looking for new posts and comments. I have heard of some teachers having success with the Google Classroom app on their phones and notifications still coming through. I realize that this isn't ideal, but I am just trying to pass along some successes of our colleagues.

As far as Google Classroom and School Tool... please refer back to Ms. Eger's instructional update from 9/28. We have certainly seen some strange things, but the more documentation we can give MORIC the better they can address the situation.

Split and Merge Using Kami

Split and Merge Using Kami

Tech Tool of The WEEK

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Page Marker

I have had several requests lately for a 'screen overlay'. I was thankful that I was paying attention this past spring when Ambur Misercola showed me Page Marker at one of the Empower Hour sessions. Thank you Ambur! (Rumor has it that she already has a Loom video that she shared with her students and will share!)

Page Marker is an extension in the Chrome Web Store. It can be used to write on any page or site that you are currently on as long as you have your Chrome Browser open. When you are done writing on the page you are given the option to save your annotations. Check it out.

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunity

Hopefully, you have seen the email from the District regarding the upcoming virtual book study that is being offered. The District is conducting a virtual book study for the Distance Learning Playbook. Head on over to Frontline (MLP) and sign up; it isn't too late!

Message from one of the co-authors of The Distance Learning Playbook, Doug Fisher

Doug Fisher Message to Staff

Empower Web Page

Keep checking the Empower web page for upcoming events, links to resources, and access to FAQ's.

Link to Empower Web Page

Origins of 60 With Saint!

During the spring, we tried to breathe some fresh air into the offerings of Empower Hours with nationally known educational personalities. During these sessions, the guests agreed to play a little game at the end of the session called, 60 With Saint! The premise was to ask as many questions to the guest within a 60 second time limit. Nothing too personal, but questions designed so we could all get to know the guest a little bit better.

In case you didn't catch the initial 60 With Saint with Jake Miller, watch it below. You will notice my very amateur and limited producing skills at the time! However, being a lifelong learner, I have learned how to significantly improve my production skills.

I am dropping this nugget because 60 With Saint maybe making a reappearance in the very near future with all new guests!

60 With Saint Featuring Jake Miller
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Let's Talk Tech Integration

Below are the dates and times that I will be in the following buildings exclusively.
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I will make myself available in the following locations:

HT Wiley: Wiley IMC

Case Middle School: Room 210

WHS: Student Help Desk 1st Floor

Would you Mind Sharing?

It seems like it's been a year, but we made it through the first month! I have been fortunate to witness colleagues finding their stride and using strategies and techniques that have helped with the start of this unprecedented school year. However, there are colleagues that could use some ideas on strategies and techniques that could help in their transition to this style of hybrid/remote learning. If you are willing to share, please click on the Google Form below so we can compile some strategies that have been effective for you. Just drop a quick note in the Google Form and I will be in touch. THANK YOU!!!

Feedback Welcomed and Encouraged

Jayson St.Croix

Please contact me so we can collaborate on how to integrate more technology into your lessons.

Archived Editions of 60 With Saint