542-488.3 mya

Life and Organisms

There were no land animals and no land plants. But there were animals with dorsal nerve cords and hard bodied brachiopods in water, like clams and arthropods, spiders, insects, and crustaceans. The predator animal was the Anomalocaris and Opabinia. There were also Sponges and Pikaia.


There was no significant ice formation. None of the continents were located at poles so the temperature was mild. Global Climate was probably warmer than it is today. Land masses were scattered from the fragmentation of Pangea. Pangea was broken up into four pieces of land which they called Laurentia, Baltica, and Siberia. There where Mountains, Oceans, Shallow Seas around the Continental Shelves. The ocean was called Iapetus Ocean.
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Stratigraphic Series

The Cambrian Period was divided into 4 Stratigraphic Series. The first one was the Terreneuvian Series which was from 541-521 mya. The second was Series 2 which was from 521-509 mya. The third one was Series 3 which was from 509-497 mya. And the last one was Furongian Series which was from 497-485.4 mya.