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Italy is very famous for many things including The leaning Tower of Pisa, The Grand Canal, And for some of the cars they make including, Lamborghini, and The Ferrari.They are also famous for how they play sports including cycling, soccer, basketball and motorcycle races. Italy is also well known for its fine food including pasta, and pizza.

Some of the language

The Basics

Hello Ciao (chow)

Good-bye Ciao (chow)

Please Per Favore (PEAR fah-VOH-reh)

Thank you Grazie (GRAHT-see-eh)

Yes Si (see)

No No(noh)

What they eat

The food from Italy is famous world wide, and Italians prefer good food art. Pizza, who doesn't know about it, in Italy the pizza is made with thinner crust and usually not a lot of toppings. Pasta, come on if you haven't ever had noodles, that's just crazy. Italy is also the home for pasta, pizza, and more. Also Italians have coffee of latte caldo (also warm milk) is usually drank for breakfast.
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