A Christmas Carol

By: Charles Dickens

The play for A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickis very exciting, intense and very emotional. The first reason to see A Christmas Carol is how exciting it is, lots of loud noises and the ghosts really have good introductions. Secondly it's very intense with some scenes that might scare you! Also lots of the scenes are very emotional with lines and actions that really pull you into the story line. In conclusion you should see the play because of all the emotional and intense sides of the story that you might not see from the book.
A sacrifice Scrooge had to make in A Christmas Carol was his selfish personality for a more forgiving and caring person. Scrooge needed to be a little nicer to people and not care about money so much. I so have had to sacrifice something like Scrooge, I've had lots of choices to make that sacrificed friendships and more. One time I had to decide if I should have sat with a kid at lunch with nobody to sit with or stay with the same group of friends.