Homework Causes Stress

Homework Pros And Cons

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Student reaction towards homework

I took a poll on 11 Applewild students I asked 3 questions. The first question I asked was if homework in general causes stress. 90% answered no. The second question I asked was if a little too much homework causes stress. 100% answered yes. The third question I asked was how much time is spent on homework. 4 students answered 2-3 hours, 3 students answered 2 hours, 1 student answered 3, 1 student answered 1 hour and 45 minutes, 1 student answered 3 1/2 to 4 hours, and the last student answered 3 - 3 1/2

Teen's reaction towards Homework

In Oregon One teenager's homework took a toll not only on her grades, but also on her physical self. She broke down crying when she received her report card with a GPA below 4.0 which was because of her being too stressed because of too much homework.

Loss of Sleep

Based on a poll many students receive less sleep on school nights due to homework.

Parent Reactions

One Parent from NYC decided to do his 13 year old's homework for a week. He decided to do this because he realized his daughter takes 4 hours to do homework and has only 6 hours of sleep. As he started to do homework he lost sleep and and could barely go to work over the weekend.

Homework has a brightside.

Even though homework is stressful, teachers hand it out because they want their student's minds to be working outside of school. The teacher's believe that it will help them in school, and it does. But I believe they give a little too much homework.