OCS Summer Scholars Weekly Update

Gravelly Hill Middle School

Summer Scholars Session 1 - Week 2

Summer Scholars Students & Families -

Week 2 was a success! Our staff continues to work hard making our Summer Scholars program an exciting experience. We encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher if you have any questions about what they are working on in their classes.


As a reminder to our families, student safety continues to be a top priority at Summer Scholars. We've been reinforcing expectations around our safety protocols with our students and ask that you remind them as well.

  • Students must wear their masks at all times. The mask must be placed over the mouth AND nose. Cloth and surgical masks are the only masks that are permitted. If a student needs a mask at school, one will be provided to them.
  • The only time a mask should be removed is while a student is eating. Just as we did during the school year, students should not be talking while they are eating and have their masks removed.
  • Students are expected to wash their hands frequently - especially before AND after meals and snacks. Washing with soap and water is always the best method.
  • We are still adhering to the 6 ft social distancing as students sit in classrooms and move throughout the building.

Please help us in reminding your child that these expectations are important to the safety of all of our students and staff at Summer Scholars!


Orange County Schools nutrition program provides FREE breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks to all of our Summer Scholars. We want all of our students to participate in the meal program! Breakfast is available in the cafeteria from 7:30 - 8:00 am. If a student arrives at school after 8:00, we can still provide them with a meal that can be taken with them to be eaten later during a break.


FYI - students who signed up for Friday care were given bus transportation information on Wednesday. Please be reminded that the Friday care location is Grady Brown Elementary School for ALL OCS Summer Scholars.

As always, call us if you need anything! GHMS Summer Scholars @ 919-245-4050 ext. 32888

Have a wonderful weekend!


Crystal B. Medlin

GHMS Summer Scholars Program Coordinator


Spread the word! Show your Summer Scholars Spirit for Week 3!
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June 21 - 24

  • Math 180 - students are continuing their lessons and practicing "Math Stars" worksheets. They made symmetric Bug drawings and had daily warm-up discussions about divisibility tricks (looking at a number to tell what it is evenly divisible by). They continue working on lessons in Math 180, focusing on Rates, Ratios, and Multiplication.
  • ST Math - this fun math program has games that illustrate the concepts students are practicing. The focus this week has been Statistics & Probability.
  • Nuvu - students have built their prototype designs using NuVu materials. Next week they'll go into full production of their installations and finish the final product on Thursday! See pictures of prototypes below!
  • Rising 9th Graders visit Cedar Ridge and Orange High Schools - on Thursday we bussed our rising 9th graders to their respective high schools. They toured campus, met some of the administration, and got a brief introduction about what to expect as they enter high school this August.
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  • The Smart Girls HQ program is STEM career-focused and gender-inclusive. Our goal is to deliver a learning experience that incites and inspires all students to persist on a STEM career path, especially female students who are underrepresented in STEM Careers. Each activity is designed to increase knowledge, encourage innovation, build self-efficacy, critical thinking, and practice communicating their work to an audience. The program is project-based and can be scaled up and down in levels of difficulty and encouragement allowing instructors to provide options to students of different abilities.
  • Learn more at raisingsmartgirls.com
  • Article "What Does STEM Stand For and What Do Parents Need To Know?"
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  • N4N Studios are gateways to exploring music, careers in the industry, and producing original music that empowers young musicians to realize their identity. N4N provides youth with music and production instruction that produces both positive social-emotional and creative growth.
  • Learn more at https://www.notesfornotes.org/

One of our GHMS Summer Scholars Notes4Notes instructors had this to say...

I just want to say that Notes to Notes is a fantastic program! They are learning more and more, and starting to really engage in songwriting - they really like it..and are getting involved. I have also coached them and helped them to get up to speed as needed. I love how the kids are using their creativity and brain and doing something different than the norm...and thank you for putting this together for them! whoever put this together for them!!

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  • NuVu brings creative education to students around the world. Our mission is to empower the next generation of young designers, entrepreneurs, makers, and inventors who will impact their communities and world through their work and ideas. NuVu students explore real-world topics in a hands-on studio environment. Using our design process, students solve complex challenges using creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Studios are multi-disciplinary and may require robotics, coding, fabrication, electronics, or a variety of other technological skills.
  • Learn more at https://cambridge.nuvustudio.com/

If you have any questions, call us!

Crystal B. Medlin

Site-based Administrator for Summer Scholars GHMS

919-245-4050 ext. 32888