France We owe you One

How France helped America win the War Against All Odds

How They Brought America Freedom With a Little Help!

America Is Free we can finally live out all of our own beliefs. America is going to be the most Revolutionary country ever but we could not have done this without a little bit of help from France. The word had got out this new colony had a chance to beat the British with a little help. The French heard bout this and were still mad about losing the French Indian War so they helped Americans by Having French soldiers help join into the War.

The French Saviors

The Reason we won

America had been outnumbered, out trained, and unprepared of compered to the Redcoats until the French Saviors arrived. The French gave us more soldiers , weapons and other supplies to help us beat the Redcoats. The French in my opinion were the most important part of this war for us.