Feburary News

Mrs. Tom Full Day Kindergarten

Hello Parents,

On February 7th, we have Andrea (parent) speaking with the students about composting and recycling.

Check out the kids in action!


* Identify basic two and three-dimensional figures in the environment

* Recognize and describe basic two and three-dimensional figures including circle, triangle, rectangle, pyramid, cube, and cylinder

* Showing "more" and "less" in numbers

Language Arts

We will work on:

* gathering and conveying information from listening to the story (beginning, middle, ending)

*sequencing, answering "wh" questions during circle time

* predicting what the story is about from the title and the cover

* some family words (e.g. "at" - mat, cat, sat)

Social Studies

We will work on learning about community helpers such as the mail carrier. Students will have the opportunity to practice writing their full names and addresses as they are guided through a special "Post Office Project". We are requesting that each student bring one stamp by Monday February 10, to help them with this project.

Looking for...

*any size boxes (e.g. jello box, shoe box, toothpaste box)

*recyclable envelopes

*One stamp for each student (for special postal project)

Valentine's Day Party

On Friday, February 14th, the students will participate in a small valentine's day party. If the children would like, they could bring a healthy snack to share with the class.