Highly Effective Students

Ariel L.

My Habits Now

The kind of student i am, is i don't study a lot in my classes. I pay attention in my classes but i still don't understand the material that the teacher is teaching us. The reason i don't study is because I'm busy outside of school. I have to do homework and then after that i have to go to work. I don't understand the material because i don't get the way that the teacher is teaching.

Top 5 Study Habits

Asking questions would help me so that i can know what the teacher is teaching about. Sleeping would also help me so that i can have enough rest the next so that i can learn and understand the teacher on what she's talking about. Attending class would help me by being able to know what we are doing and also not falling behind on my work. Making a Study Group would help me because if i missed something on my notes i can ask one of my study group members if they wrote it down. Organizing my stuff would help me so i won't loose my things and also know where they are.

Top 3 Study Habits.

My Future

I plan to work in the oil fields so that i can make money and live close to my family. My goals to achieve this job is that im going to graduate High School and have some background information in the oil fields so that i can get the job.
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