Long God yumi stanap

Arryn littman

I used wikipedia as my source of knowledge so i some things might be correct.


There are approximently 82 islands and most a steep from the volcanoes that created the islands, the tallest point in Mount Tabwemasana on the largest island. There aren't many or any permanent sources of water at all. The islands are covered in rainforest but are bieng rapidly cut down. Soil erosion and landslides are common in the area.


Navuatu has a tropical climate ith nine months of hot and rainy weather and three months of cold and dry weather.

Animal life

There is a problem as since the island only has 19 species of reptiles 61 types of birds 11 kinds of bats but they might have the polynesian rat that might be indigenous., but there is no species only found on this island.


The country being a volcanicly created island does not have very many resources they have maganese mangroves and fish but they are running out of fishing grounds around the island


The islands were found first in 1606 but were left uncolonized until 1768 and captain cook named them new hebrides. In 1825 the discovery of sandalwood caused a flock from the other islands to move in. In the 1860's the other islands thought of a indentured labour trade called blackbirding. Evidence from this time show that the population decreased greatly before and during this period. Then missionaries came and then fance and britain called for a joint government and then the americans came and the islanders started to rebel and push for independence. During the coconut war they slipped out of britains control and became a republic.

People and languages

Most are melanesian except for the 1% europeans asians and polynesians. They mainly speak bislama, french, and english. Bislama is a pidgin language that is becoming creole in urban areas. But they also have 113 indigenous languages

Land Use

Only 9% of the land is arable the rest is about 5% city use and uninhabited forests.


Most are christians with most bieng presbyterians, and the rest are roman catholics.


Pigs with rounded tusks are seen to be symbols of wealth, people "rank up" in life through achievement and accomplishments, boys have to udergo ceremonies and rituals to be recongnised as men, most villages have nakamals that are clubhouses with seperate places for men and women and a different location for women on their menstrual period.


One is air water and soil pollution in rural and surronding areas, and the other is rapid deforestation and soil erosion.