Tropical Wet-and-Dry

It has a wet season, and it has a dry season.

Climate location

This region is found in the tropical zone. The degrees is roughly 15° and 25° North and South. For example, The Savanna is a tropical wet-and-dry. The temperature range is 16°C.
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Yearly Precipitation

The average rain fall is about 59" a year. During the dry season it falls less than six centimeters of rain in a span of two months.

seasons and temperature range

There is a wet season half of the year, and a dry season the other half of the year. It's warm year-round, but it's dry half of the year, and barely gets any rain. The other time is the monsoon season (known as the wet season) where it's still warm, but it rains a lot.

Factors affecting climate

Prevailing winds affect the climate. The altitude of the sun, also affects the climate.