Working Bikes

Creator- Lee Ravenscott

Why did Lee Ravenscott start Working Bikes?

Lee Ravenscott started working bikes because he relized how much good bikes do, they can be a means of transportation or a way to create electricity it they are hooked up to a pedal powered generator.

Giving old bikes to new homes

The idea for Working Bikes was founded in 1999 when Lee Ravenscott realized how helpful a bike could be to a family in a under developed country. The bike could be used for transportation to school if the family did not have a car.

Differences between Akio Morita and Lee Ravenscott

Lee Ravenscott started his company Working Bikes to help people in under developed countries. Akio Morita started his company to be a successful entrepreneur and become financially stable. What Akio did was not bad it is just different from what Lee Ravenscott did.

Who is he?