Marco Polo

BY Emma Costantino

The Start To It All

Marco Polo was born September 15 1254. He lived in Venice, Italy. growing up. Marco's mother died when he was a child, and his father and uncle where out on a journey. His uncle and aunt raised him until he was teenager and his uncle and father returned. Marco Polo was the son of Niccolo Polo.

Traveling to China

The move to east Uzbekistan made trading with China and the East easier. In order to get to get where they had to travel over the Gobi dessert to get to china. In 1264, Marco’s father Niccolo, and uncle, set out on a two year quest to meet the emperor of China. According to Marco Polo, Kublai Khan received them well and said they should come back to teach the Chinese people.

older years

When The Polo's returned he was 41, and they came back with many riches. Kublai Khan had given him ivory, jade, jewels, porcelain,silk and many other treasures. When they arrived back, they saw that Italy was in war. Marco polo died January 8, 1324.

Learn something new

Marco Polo's birth date has been fought about at many different times. Both Marco's father and uncle were jewel merchants.

changes in exploration over the years

Back then there was no technology so there for it was harder to do things. Now in days there is so it is easier on us. Back then you had to go to the place you wanted to see. Now you can go on the computer and see it.