identity theft

By:Madison Schmitz

Identity Theft Definition

The fraudulent acquisition and use of a person's private identifying information, usually for financial gain.

How People can Protect themselves:

1. you can guard your information when online

2. Monitor your bank and credit card statements

3. Verify your mailing address with the post office

4. Monitor your credit report

5. Shred your sensitive documents

What you shouldn't keep you your wallet:

1. your social security card

2. Password cheat sheet

3. spare keys

4. checks

5. passport

What you should keep in your wallet:

1. cash

2. Drivers license

3. Debit card

4. Insurance cards

5. Membership cards

ATM Receipts:

You should keep them and check them against your online bank statements

What's in your credit report:

1. It has your name, address, Social Security number, DOB, employment information

2. lenders report

3.Credit Inquire: thats shows you when you take out a loan or something like that

4. Public Record: information on state and county courts