Container House

By; Alex Gonzalez

Sketch Up start

This pretty much how I started out. each cube is 4ft X 4ft this helped me out a lot because of my measurements.

Sketchup Diagram

AutoCad Drawings

Big image

SIte Plan Elevations

This shows how all my windows are 7' feet high from the floor. there's only three entrances to this house, from the front entrances, garage door, and the backyard door that's at the side of the house.

SIte Plan Top view

A basic view of my site plan, showing where my windows and my doors will be. You also see where the containers fit in how they make a bigger structure.
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This is my top view of the final product of this house. Besides the inappropriate pool, and the lady beside. This is a beautiful home, all covered in vanilla carpet, the kitchen is all wooden besides the counters, which are gray gravel. Is a 2 twin bedroom, 1 bathroom, 3 closets, 1 office, 1 master bedroom, 1 master bathroom. The second floor is all of the master bedroom, once coming up from the stairs you'll see a romantic master bed, the master bathroom is pink with a gorgeous customized master bath with a flat screen TV attached at the of end of it. once past the twin bedrooms you'll see a wrestling room. Just a basic office but behind the hidden door there is a nice theater room.