Mrs. Wallach's Firstie Flyer

Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Fall!

We've been singing a November song about the days getting shorter, celebrating the harvest time, and sharing a fine Thanksgiving feast - it goes to the tune of "Do you know the muffin man" - ask your firstie to sing it for you!

News and Events

Recent News and Events

Ledyard Bank visit - As part of our social studies unit on community, we visited the bank on Tuesday to get a behind the scenes look into what goes on there.

Upcoming News and Events

Upcoming visits to the police station, Dan & Whits, and the Norwich Inn in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, November 17th: Next Valley Terrace visit

Friday, November 20th: Parent-teacher conferences - no school for students

Tuesday, November 24th: Last day of school before Thanksgiving break.

Academic Updates

Mathematics Focus

Composing numbers up to 15 with two or more addends
  • finding as many 2-addend combos of a number as possible
  • proving that all the possible combos have been found
  • solving a problem in which the total and one part are known
  • finding and exploring relationships among combinations of number up to 15

Making sense of and developing strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems with small numbers

  • developing counting on as a strategy for combining two numbers
  • finding the total of two or more quantities up to a total of 10 by counting all, counting on, or using known number combinations
  • visualizing and retelling the action in addition and subtraction situations involving removal

Using manipulatives, drawing, tools, and notation to show strategies and solutions

  • recording solutions to a problem
  • using numbers and standard notation to record
  • connecting written numbers and standard notation to the quantities and actions they represent
  • using the equal sign to show equivalent expressions
  • using the number line as a tool for counting


Introduction to nouns
Introduction to proper nouns

Introduction to plural nouns

Introduction to possessive nouns


Writing Workshop has begun!

  • the workshop routine
  • assuming the identity of author!
  • making transition from mini lesson to writing
  • thinking about a story from real life
  • drawing and writing all about that story
  • adding more to pictures and words
  • starting a new piece when finished ("when you're done you've only just begun!")
  • using writer tools appropriately

Journal writing continues...

  • generating ideas
  • writing a sentence to tell about something true from your life
  • adding one or two more sentences to tell more details
  • drawing a picture to match the words
  • sharing with the class in a loud clear voice

Phonics and Snap Words

Phonics Concepts
  • phoneme segmentation
  • consonant digraphs (wh, ch, sh, th, ck)

Snap Words

  • as
  • has
  • to
  • into
  • we
  • he
  • she
  • be
  • me
  • for
  • or

Guided Reading Groups

Recent Reads by Group:

  • Red Jaguars: Once There Was a Little Frog
  • Orange Iguanas: Up A Tree
  • Green Monkeys: Bubbles; The Farmers
  • Blue Barracudas: Looking for Taco; Jump

Social Studies


What is a community?

What kinds of communities are we part of?

Who helps in communities

How do people get what they need in communities

Wants vs Needs

Read Alouds

November Author of the Month: Ezra Jack Keats

Comprehension focus:

  • giving opinions
  • making connections to self and other books
  • asking questions
  • agreeing and disagreeing

Classroom Needs

Right now we need...

Starting in second and third grade, students keep their own pair of headphones at school or in their backpack in a plastic baggie...if possible, it would be helpful to start that trend in first grade for when we do use the ipads or computer lab. There are communal headphones available but they are oftentimes being used or broken. If your child has their own headphones, you can put them in a plastic baggie with their name on it and send them to school so they can use them here!

Also, my sony boombox from middle school finally broke - and so our listening center broke along with it! If someone has an extra music player they no longer use, OR (even better) an old iphone or ipod that is no longer in use - we would happily take it off your hands for our listening center.