When Zachary Beaver Came To Town

The Fattest Boy in the World

The Day Toby's Life Changes, Forever.

Toby is a normal boy, with a mother who wants to become a country singer. She leaves Toby and his father in to try and win a competition. All Toby has is his father and his best friend, Cal. Toby's life changes when Zachary Beaver comes to town.

Has he been "Everywhere?"

Zachary's Stories

Zachary Beaver tells stories about everywhere he has been. He tells Toby that he has been to Paris, France. He also tells about who has met. Toby believes that something fishy is going on and tries to get to the bottom of it.

Something isn't right....

Toby starts acting funny, and things start falling, fast. When Toby and Cal try to fix things, everything get worse. Will they be able to get through it?