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May 10, 2020

Highcroft's Mission

At Highcroft, we help learners grow in a safe, caring community where ALL are valued and supported to become leaders.

Upcoming Events


  • May 11-13: Virtual Field Days
  • May 11: Virtual Color Spirit Day: Wear Blue
  • May 12: Virtual Color Spirit Day: Wear Yellow
  • May 13: Virtual Color Spirit Day: Wear Green
  • May 14: Virtual Color Spirit Day: Wear Orange
  • May 15: No eLearning School on Fridays
  • May 21: Last Day of School
  • May 21: School Spirit Day: Wear Your Highcroft Spirit Wear

Lucas Letter


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and mom figures who are doing the best they can every day for the people who own their hearts! Motherhood is not perfect, and there are lots of moments of error, but you show up and make magical moments happen for your children!

This week, our focus is on Habit #7 – Sharpen the Saw. Habit #7 is the habit of balance. In the seventh story from the book, The 7 Habits of Happy Kids, Sophie Squirrel is tired because she reads a lot – she spends all of her free time reading, Sophie stays up late reading, she even reads when she plans to take a nap! Sophie learns that she needs to find balance in her life – she can’t just focus on her mind. She needs to also think about her heart, her body, and her soul! Author Sean Covey writes, “We all feel better when we’re balanced and when we take time to renew the four parts of who we are: body, heart, mind, and soul.”

Habit #7 - Sharpen the Saw helps us strive to be healthy for life. There is a story of a man who was sawing down a tree; however, he was not making a lot of progress. When a passerby asked him why he didn’t stop sawing to sharpen his saw, he remarked that he was too busy sawing. Habit #7 reminds us that we are more productive when we are in balance—body, heart, mind, and soul. Just like the four tires on a car, if one area is being ignored or overused, the rest will feel the results. For young children, the car analogy is one they understand; a car could not go on fewer than all four tires. Explain the four parts of each person (body, heart, mind, and soul) and how important it is to take care of each part to make them all work better.

In partnership, and be well!

Dr. Cartelia Lucas



Highcroft Highlights

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Specialist Office Hours

Please click here for our specialists' office hours. This document shares with you the times our specialists are available to respond to communications and their email addresses so that you are able to communicate with them about assignments in their content areas.

Art News

Ms. Mayer, Art Teacher

Hello and welcome to a different kind of Art News!

I hope that you are continuing to check out the Art Course on Schoology. I have posted a project for each week that should take between 30-45 minutes to complete. They are in the folder called, Assignments. Please send me a photo or a video so I can see all of your creative artwork.

Week 4/April 13-16/At Highcroft …We Stick Together

Week 5/April 20-24/Upcycling

Week 6/April 27-30/Challenge

Week 7/May 4-7/Daily Sketches- Doodle

Google meets/Art Chats are up and running with a twenty minute a week session for each class. I loved getting to catch up with so many of you. I will look forward to seeing you all soon.

I have included some fantastic entries in The Art Recreation Challenge from last week I thought they were very well done and quite creative.

Stay well!

Ms. Mayer

Counselor Corner

Cindy Beeler Grades K,1,2,4 cbeeler@parkwayschools.net

Scharma Banks Grades 3,5 sbanks@parkwayschools.net

We continue to be amazed at how hard our students, teachers and parents are working with eLearning. Some parents have expressed that their children are having trouble staying motivated to finish their school work at this time. We want you to know that you are STILL doing a great job! A loss of motivation is something we see our students experience at this time of the year each year. In that way, this is something that is actually “normal” right now! Thank you for all of the work you have done to keep your students engaged and on track. We will continue to be available for social and emotional support as we end the school year. Students can continue to check in with us through the end of the year. You can also note support your child or family may need during the summer months at Counselor Check In

Coping Tool for Children

We know many of us are feeling like each day is just like the day before. Keeping healthy habits and routines are very difficult during this time. We are including a Powerpoint to use when discussing the importance of Healthy Habits and Routines .

Guidance for Parents

Often when we offer parenting advice, Love and Logic is our go to. This approach to parenting encourages responsibility to be put on the child. “The idea behind the Love and Logic™ theory is this: Parents should provide an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and empathy while allowing the natural consequences of a child's behavior and actions to do the teaching.”

Love and Logic is offering an online course for free. The usual cost for this is $99. Check it out at Love & Logic.

Behavioral Health Response Facebook Resources

BHR is hosting four events on their Facebook page this month – Parents and Youth, First Responders, Mental Health Professionals, and Mental Health Through the Lens of Diversity and Inclusion. The events will run from 9am-2pm and will have articles, activities, videos, and a guest speaker each day at 12pm.They will have gift card giveaways with each of the events as well. BHR Facebook


Parkway Meal Assistance

Operation Food Search

Technology Request or Assistance

Charter Spectrum Internet

Emergency Food Stamps

Drive-thru Emergency Diapers

Emergency Resources

911/Take your child to the ER

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Behavioral Health Response Crisis Line: 1-800-811-4760

Saint Louis Crisis Nursery: 314-768-3201

Salvation Army: 211 (mortgage, utility bills, clothing, medication bills, etc.)

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A Message from MOSAICS

Mrs. Turney, MOSAICS Teacher

First Grade - Testing for students completing first grade in 2020 will continue, and screening for incoming first graders will begin when we return to the school building.

Second Grade - The date for MOSAICS to begin with identified second grade students is still to be determined.

Third-Fifth Grade - Activities in PBL, STEM, and affective learning will be student led and determined when we meet again. Students are encouraged to set a summer learning goal and prepare to share their experiences in fall.

*Fifth Grade - We hope to have the opportunity to meet and create our graduate collaborative mosaic when we can access the school building. I will share more information and details as they are determined.

*Math-O-Letes - Highest scoring students will be recognized and trophies distributed next year.

A culminating acrostic…..

M - Milestones we didn’t get to celebrate; reach out to each other don’t hesitate.

O - Overcoming obstacles to our community, we are stronger now in our unity.

S - Staying at home, staying in touch, staying well, I miss you so much!

A - Against the odds and complication, we persevered with love and dedication.

I - Invested in each other, come what may, learning together we found our way.

C - Curious, capable, confident, and caring, also creative and committed our connection enduring.

S - Sad, scared, silly, sorry, sympathetic, silver linings, and so much more - a symphony of feelings this year ends with greater love, more gratitude, and so very much appreciation for each of you.


Mrs. Turney:-)

May Acts of Kindness Calendar

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Virtual Gotcha

A Virtual Gotcha is used to recognize students when they display our ROSE Values. Please consider submitting a Virtual Gotcha for your child to be recognized.

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