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About Archimedes

He was born on 287 B.C and died 212 B.C in Syracuse, Italy; he lived to be 75. He was murdered by a Roman solider during siege of Syracuse. His father is Phidias an Astronomer and it is said the archimedes may have been related to Hiero ll king of syracuse.He is also known by some people as the guy who ran naked outside shouting EUREKA!

He determined the exact value of PI.


Eureka is greek for "i have have found it". He said that when he was in a public bath and filled a tub all the way to the top. when he got in water came out that is when he discovered how to find the volume of an irregular object; Then ran home shouting eureka (i have found it)

Archimedes also explained the principles behind the lever, although he is not credited with the actual invention of the lever.

Archimedes screw

Also called the Archimedean screw.It works by a handle turning a screw shaped surface filled of water inside a pipe up to a irrigation ditch.

Claw of archimedes

The claw was designed by archimedes to defend the portion of syracuse's city wall against amphibious assaults

Archimedes has his own principle because for his eureka moment

He was also known for his drawing of geometric problems on his stomach with olive oil.