Winter Palace

By: Eli Carrasco


The Winter Palace is located in St. Petersburg, Russia


In 1754-1762 16th century architect Rastrelli created the Winter palace. He was a very famous architect back in the 16th century and created many other palaces.
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The winter Palace was first made out of wooden and later reconstructed into stone. The stone is painted to add different colors and is often repainted. It was built in 1708 with a wooden structure and then later replaced it with stone in 1711


The rebuilding of the new stone building took more time but was better looking. In 1837 a fire destroyed the interior of the palace, it took 3 years to restore the same appearance they had before but they ended up developing a different scheme.


The Winter Palace is made of columns and arches with no particularly design, with three stories.

Historical Events

It was the scene for "Bloody Sunday" massacre. Also where revolutionary soldiers and sailors stormed the Winter Palace in 1917
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