New York

What do you need to see in New York?

1. The Empire State Building

2. Central Park

3. The Statue of Liberty

4. The Brooklyn Bridge

5. Times Square

6. Yankee stadium

7. Broadway

8. Chinatown

A map of New York City

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celebrity from NewYork city

The history of the United States Dollar refers to more than 200 years since the Continental Congress of the United States authorized the issuance of the US dollar September 8, 1786. The term 'dollar' had already been in common usage since the colonial period when it referred to eight-real coin (Spanish dollar) used by the Spanish throughout New Spain. After several monetary systems were proposed for the early republic, the dollar was approved by Congress to be released in a variety of denominated coins and currency bills. the firts dollar has been producted on 1 November 1862.

Adam Sandler (Brooklyn New York)

Adam Sandler is born on the 9th on Septembre 1966, and is an actor with an American identity.
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Sylvester Stallone New York City

The great actor from the rocky movies is also born in New York City.

Sylvester Stallone is born on the 6th of juli 1946.

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suits is a television serie which is recorded in New York City.

Suits is one of the great series which is recorded in the City that never sleeps.

It tells the story of a boy who came from literaly nothing and became the associate of one of the lawyers in the City

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How I met your mother

How I met your mother is a 9 seasons serie wich is recorded in New York City. it's about a man who tells his children how he met their mother.

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a flight to NYC

If you want to fly from schiphol to New york (JFK) than it wil cost you 2333,- euro.

the currency in NYC

The currency in NYC is the dollar. 1 dollar will cost you 0,88 euro.

The most expensive hotels in NYC

1. The Plaza.

2. The Greenwich

3. Mandarin oriental

the rules on the route.

Nobody drives in NYC so why do you want to know the rules??? but if you really want to know there is no difference between the other big city's.