My top 5 fav Warrior Cats

ThunderClan cat (first series)


In this flyer I tell you my top 5 fav warrior cats! Let us begin......

1. Rosetail

I know what your probably thinking. Where is this cat in the first book? If you read the first book of the first series again she is there for one scene. She died in that scene of the book protecting the nursery. Blackfoot killed her. R.I.P. Rosetail!
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2. Graypaw

Graypaw / Graystripe is one of my favorite cats. He was a good father to is kits, and a good friend to Ravenpaw And Firestar. He was an overall good warrior beside the fact of his love for the RiverClan cat, Silverstream. (R.I.P. Silverstream).
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3. Firepaw

Firepaw is one of my favs because he protected his clan well and was a good warrior. He was especially a good friend! He was also a good mentor to Cloudtail, Cinderpaw, and even Brackenpaw! Good Luck Firestar w/ your daughters {srry if this is a spoiler}
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4. sandstorm

I know that sandpaw was really up tight and rude to Firepaw. But really she was kind of trying to protect her and the clan's pride of being kittypet free. She comes around eventually then she's okay. Generally she is a good cat!

5. Cinderpelt

I love Cinderpelt! She accepted her fate of medicine cat and became a good one. Although her dreams of being a warrior gives her a chance later in life. Just try to hold on Cinder! Your dreams will come true eventually!
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