Teens and the IUD Contraception

by: Kendall Ashby

What it is, How it Works

An IUD is a small T shaped plastic and copper device that contains the hormones which can kill off sperm. The IUD is inserted into the uterus by a doctor and it has little strings that hang out in the cervix. These strings are for removal and to help notice if it gets rejected or moves somewhere it shouldn't. Doctors love recommending this to teens because its long lasting and there's no having to remember to take a pill, also it is highly effective (.05% chance of getting pregnant with it) and has minimal if any complications.

IUD info for Teens

Why is it a Good Choice?

ACOG (American College of Gynocologists) looked at data from over 90,000 IUD users from age 15-44 and fewer than 1% had any complications. Although, rejection is more common if youve never had a baby or insert it right after childbirth, if it is rejected it wont kill the sperm hence you might get pregnant. It also reduces the risk of ectopic pregnancies and may prevent Endometrial Hyperplasia and endometrial cancer. It can also reduce menstrual blood flow by 90% after the first few months or even stop it completely, and doesn't cause weight gain.