What is it all about ?

Christianity is about......

Christianity is a religion that goes back over 2,000 years ago, and even has a place in history as b.c. ( before Christ) and a.d. ( after death of Christ) as a way to keep dates, similar to a months in a calendar. So what is it all about? Christianity is about the holy conception or pregnancy of a loathly virgin girl who delivers a baby whom by the direction of angels is named Jesus. This event is still celebrated amongst christians all over the world, and is known as Christmas. The holy child was born in Bethlehem in a mangor and lived as a son of a carpenter in Nazareth. Jesus learned the scriptures and preached amongst his people. He went on to do many miracles and open peoples eyes up to the love of God. He was considered a blasphemous by the pharisees so he was arrested and crucified on a cross then he died. The one thing that separates Christianity from all other religions is the resurrection of Christ and the ascension into heaven. Christianity is the faith that christ is with his believers in spirit and also the hope of him coming again. Christianity is practiced in several different nominations but all closely have the same basic beliefs. Christians, or followers of Christ, practice in churches and Cathedrals all across the world. Christians read and preach the books of scriptures left by the chosen disciples better known as the bible. Reverends and priest lead their congregations. Christianity holidays include Christmas,Good Friday, and Easter. The sacraments are baptism, communion, marriage, and reconciliation for forgiveness of sins. What started in a little town of Bethlehem and impacted Nazareth and has changed the lives of many all across the world.