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Willemstad Times Reporter Jarred E Meyer

Twelve-year-old boy returns to Curacao

WT: So what were you doing on the boat in the first place?

Phillip: My mom didn't think it was safe on the island with the war.

WT: Did you feel bad leaving the island on the boat?

Phillip: No, not really, but I didn't want to leave my friends. My Dad made me feel safe by saying that the Germans wouldn't waste a torpedo on this old rust bucket.

WT: What did you do to survive the sinking boat from the torpedo?

Phillip: I didn't really remember it, but I woke up on a raft with a black man and a cat and a bad headache.

WT: What was your reaction to being blind?

Phillip: At first, I said to myself even in the darkest night I can see my hand, but I couldn't so I asked Timothy what time it was. He said, "ten". I asked, "night time or morning?" I screamed, "I'm blind!"

WT: When did you find the island?

Phillip: It was on April 10th early in the morning. It was very lonely on the island.

WT: What was the effect on your courage of being blind?

Phillip: It made me feel like I couldn't do anything, but Timothy made me realize that I don't need my eyes to use my hands and legs.

WT: How did Timothy die?

Phillip: He did not die from age or disease but from protecting me from the hurricane. He saved my life.

WT: What was your Mom's reaction of your return?

Phillip: She listened to my story but didn't truly understand. She cried and said, "I'm sorry."

WT: So, how did you feel coming home to your friends?

Phillip: It feels like my friends are very young. I have matured and would rather talk with the black people on the dock.

WT: Will you go back to the cay one day?

Phillip: Yes, one day I will sail to the cay and close my eyes at Timothy's grave and thank him.

Thimothy's Obituary

Old, brave Timothy died a hero protecting a young blind boy named Phillip in a huge July hurricane. Timothy put his body in front of Phillip protecting him from the high waves. Phillip did the right thing to do; he made a grave and buried Timothy. He grow up on a boat as a orphon. He aslo worked on the boat all his life. He never want to school through out his life.

National News

Breaking News the Germans launced a U-Boat on the cost of north america. January 26 a US force arrive in Great Britain for the first time. Brazil declare war on Germany and Italy and British takes command of a Army force in North Africa.
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