Book Report

The Jungle Book/ Rudyard Kipling

Ariel Safani, ט4

Favorite Character

My favorite character is also the main character in the story. His name is Mowgli. Mowgli is a man-cub that joined to a wolves pack in Seeonee mountains in India. Mowgli is very brave because he isn't afraid of the wolves and the dangerous animals in the jungle. Mowgli grows up with the wolves. He promises that he will save the jungle from Shere-Khan, the bad tiger.


The story takes place in Seeonee mountains, India.

The time isn't mentioned in the book.

Main Characters

Mowgli: the man-cub

Baloo: the old- brown bear

Bagheera: the black panther

Shere-Khan: the bad tiger

The wolves pack:Father and Mother wolves and the cubs

The Best Part Of The Book

In chapter 3, Baloo, Bagheera and Mowgli walked in the jungle. Suudenly, the monkeys kidnapped Mowgli and took him up to the treetops. there was a lot of noise and Bagheera and Baloo worried that something will happen to Mowgli.


I would recommend 'The Jungle Book' to other students because it is very interesting and thrilling. I enjoyed reading the book. You can learn from Mowgli how to survive and how to communicate with someone who is different from you.


The story begins in the wolves cave in Seeonee mountains in India. The pack of wolves join Mowgli to the pack. During the story, Mowgli get used to life in the jungle. Baloo and Bagheera help him, teach him the laws of the jungle and protect him from Shere-Kahn.

Shere-Kahn wants to hunt Mowgli. In the middle of story Mowgli leaves the jungle and goes to the human village because he realizes that he is human and not an animal.

In the village, Mowgli understands that he doesn't belong there and goes back to the jungle.

In the end of the story Mowgli kills Shere-Kahn and saves the jungle.