By: Sabina Aleksandrov

Capital & Major Cities

The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa commonly known as Tegus , this is the most populated city in Honduras with a population of 1,126,534 people. More major cities include, San Pedro Sula, and Choloma.

Gaining Independence

Honduras gain independence in 1821, from Spain. Afterwards it was a part of the FRCA until that ended in 1914.

Geographical Info

Honduras is located in Central America, it is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east and by the Pacific Ocean it the west. Some physical features are Honduras has mountains, high land, and coastal lowlands.


Honduras has a presidential republic, their president is Juan Orlando Hernandez, and is in good terms with other country's but has many civil wars.

Economy & Trade

Honduras currency is Lempira, their economic system is capitalism, they export coffee, bananas and apparel, and they import mostly machinery, transport, industrial materials, and it's number one trading partner is the U.S.A.

Tourist Info

Natures the main reason people go to Honduras they have lots of national parks, incredibly varied in terms of flora, fauna and landscape, the elevation in the parks vary in 2000ft. Also Honduras has amazing nature parks, beaches for diving and snorkeling, interesting Mayan ruins, and unique culture