Hillary Killed Harambe

By: Destyn Alberts

About the Author

Born Destyn William Nathanial Alberts, to Cynaka Carr and Chris Alberts, on November 4th, 2000, Destyn knew at a young age that he was a ginger, but he never let that stop him. Today, Destyn is a Freshman (should be a sophomore) at Delphi Community High School, where he practices sleeping and only enjoying Mrs. Kenzie's class on a daily basis.

Delphi Dairy Queen

Overall, this is a good restaurant, though they do need to get it together. The food there is stellar, it has a great quality grease taste. My only complaint is that on two separate occasions, I have ordered a #3 meal, the mushroom and Swiss burger, and i received a #, The Deluxe Cheeseburger. This was not satisfying.
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The Purge

This movie was stellar, the story is about a future in which once a year, crime is legal. it shows us that if we let everyone kill somebody once a year, the country is more successful, though i do not support this.
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If I Won $10,000

If I won $10,000, i would buy myself a decent car so i could go "whippin' " with my homies. That would be ideal. This would mean that i could get my McDonald's whenever i wanted.
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Advice If You're Being Bullied

I'd suggest you find someone else to bully as that will boost your self esteem and make you feel as if nobody can say something mean to you. Always deal with those kind of problems in a violent way, the outcome is spectacular.
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My Favorite Teacher of All Time

My favorite teacher of all time would probably have to be Mrs. Johnson, because she's very straightforward and shows me that she wants me to be successful. This makes me feel as if I can be successful. I feel like that will have a positive impact on my future.
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If I Could Change the World

I would kill off all of the spiders and other gross bugs we don't need. This would allow me to sleep at night, and enjoy life much better.
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Why Is Kullen Lowry Such a Stud

Kullen Lowry pulls females. He has a genetic gene called a jawline, and females love that. He also has great teeth, like a shark. This makes the females flock to him like geese. Unfortunately, he doesn't know what to do with all of those females so he's "forever alone".
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