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@ The Kirkwood Library-----April/May

All Library Books Due-Friday May 20th!

Please try your best to get all of your student's library books returned to the library by Friday, May 20th. If you are unable to locate your books please pay whatever you can towards the replacement of the books. $5 for paperback and $10 for hardback. We want ALL students to have access to the books they want to read! (A little overdue library book humor below!)

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Make sure your Children READ this Summer!

A Whole Lot of Learning Going On!


Kindergarten has been working very hard on their animal research projects. After researching and taking notes, each group member wrote a different fact about their animal. Students then typed their fact using ABCYa Storymaker and and hand illustrated their work! Check out both of their amazing Animal Research Flip Books at the links below! (RI.K.1, RI.K.2)

First Grade

First grade is also finishing up their animal reserach. Students used their notes to make books about their animals that share their habitat, diet and fun facts. Students then created an image of their animal using Paint in the computer lab. (RI.1.IA.1, RI.1.1, RI.1.2)
1st Grade Animal Research Spring 2016

2nd Grade

Second graders are finishing up their Wild Weather Research. Students used their notes to write a short research paper on their weather and created an illustration to go with their work. They used Seesaw on the ipads to document their work! Some of the the students had time to record themselves talking about what they learned as well. Check out their work at the blog links below! (RI.2.IA.1, RI.2.1)

Third Grade

Third graders just finished up a big poetry unit in their classroom and in the library! Students created a variety of poems in the library both digitally and by hand. Students created crazy ice cream flavors using Alliteration, created "magnetic" poetry using Google Drawings and some also had time to make some "Flooretry" with simile poems. Click on the link below to see their Alliteration Ice Cream Flavor Flipbook!

Fourth Grade

Students have been working hard on their State Research projects in preparation for their big end of year states party. Students learned how to use a variety of resources to find information about their state online and in print. Students have been taking notes and using those notes to create the outline for their final research paper. Students have been typing their papers in Google Docs and using Google Classroom to turn them in. We have also been talking about the basics on citing sources using the EasyBib add on in Google Docs. (RI.4.IA.1, RI.4.1, RI.4.2)

What's Going on in 5th & 6th

5th Grade Women's History Research Posters
Fifth Grade: Fifth graders are working on two different projects. Ms. Nugent's class has been using PebbleGo to do online research about important woman in history. They have been creating a timeline of their person's life and creating a poster using Canva to show pictures and important dates from their lives. Mrs. Harper's class are creating book reviews using ThingLink where they can create an interactive image to encourage others to read the books they have chosen. Here is the link to the 5th Harper ThingLinks. (RI.5.1, RI.5.2)

Sixth Grade: Sixth graders are using a program called Comic Life to create comics about a wide variety of topics. Students have been given a lot of choice during this project. They could create a Comic Life about themselves, a book they've read or a how to. We will be sharing these with each other using Kaizena and students will be able to comment on each other's work. (21.6–8.TL.1, 21.6–8.TL.2)