Outdoor Learning Center News

A Panther Community Project

September 2016

Hello, Teachers!

We have an exciting plan for using the Courtyard Garden to enhance learning in the classroom! Any questions you may have can be directed to Mrs. Regenold or an Outdoor Learning Center committee member.

Let's get to planting!

We want each grade level to start thinking about planning for planting their vegetables in October. Ms. Laird is coordinating the cleaning/preparation of the beds, and Ms. Regenold is coordinating the aquisition of the vegetable seeds too. There are also a few resources that Mrs. Regenold has with lessons on integrating math with the planting. More to come on that later...

Kindergarten will plant carrots and green beans.

First grade will plant lettuce.

Second grade will plant spinach and swiss chard.

Third grade will plant green onions and snap peas.

Fourth grade will plant turnips.

Fifth grade will plant kohlrabi.

We will have another planting in the Spring.

Help Needed Next Wednesday!

Grania, Rafael, and Dawn will be staining the garden beds on Wednesday, Sept.21st after school. Any help is much appreciated. Let them know if you are able to help! Thank you!

Outdoor Learning Center Committee Members

Dawn Regenold

Grania Laird

Shelly Carn

Sarah Betty

Rafael Raygada

Joe Guerin

Tommy Meek

Maria Luna