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April 2018

2nd Annual Kc STEM FEST 2018!

On March 16th, 2018, Frontier Schools hosted their 2nd Annual KC STEM Fest! More than 250 students from Frontier Schools participated in this event, showcasing projects they've worked on all year.

Check out our video and news coverage below!

The KC STEM Fest was a fun filled day full of innovation, science and creativity! This one-day, admission free event was open to the public to enjoy and engage with students to learn more about their unique projects. The 2nd annual event took place from 12:15 pm to 2:15 pm at Union Station in the Sprint Festival Plaza.

The KC STEM Fest continues to be a family-friendly day that celebrates science, technology, engineering, and math! This event has also been a great opportunity to get kids and the community excited about STEM careers and their future.

Dennis Ridenour, President and CEO of BioKansas was awarded the 2018 KC STEM Leader Award for being an advocate in promoting STEM in Kansas City.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and partners: Pitsco Education, Custom Specialities, Inc., Science City, MINDDRIVE, Kansas City Zoo, BioKansas, KC Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture Education On The Move, Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute, Union Station, Truman Medical Center, The University of Kansas, Siemens and the New Frontier Educational Foundation.

We appreciate your contributions and unwavering support!

Lottery Results 2018-19

The Student Admission Lottery for the 2018-19 school year was held on Tuesday, March 6th. The lottery took place at each school campus. Several parents attended in anticipation of winning the lottery and giving their child/ren a good education. The crowd represented just a portion of the 776 applications that were submitted by the lottery date. Letters and notifications have been be sent out to parents of children who received an open seat.


Please join us on April 13th from 5-7 pm at Frontier School of Innovation Middle gymnasium for our district-wide, 4th Annual Multicultural Festival that celebrates and connects the many cultures that are represented at Frontier Schools. Our diverse student body draws from more than 10 countries - this is definitely something to celebrate! The event is meant to capture and create community by encouraging people to learn from each other while sharing tradition and culture.

While the Festival takes place all in one evening, preparing and getting ready for the hundreds of students, families, and community members that come takes months. Our staff, students, and families work very hard preparing their country booths, performances, and eclectic dishes. Country booths are designed to highlight the country's flag, traditions, celebrations, foods, dress and notable art. This fun and exciting event is guaranteed to have something for everyone, including: music, dance, poetry, art, games, and an abundance of authentic foods representing diverse cultures.

*Food wristbands will be available for purchase during the event, beverages included:

Adult: $10

Child/Student: $5 (18 & under)

We hope to see you there!

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Frontier Schools will be hosting their 1st Annual One Day Parent Academy on April 28th, 2018 from 9am-12pm at Frontier School of Innovation Middle.

Parents and guardians are invited to participate in various sessions including, Birth Control, Pregnancy Prevention, Budgeting & Personal Finance, Conscious Discipline at Home, Drug & Alcohol Awareness, Healthy Eating Habits, How to Help Your Child with Math Homework, etc.

Click here to sign up for the Parent Academy!

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer Watson at

Alumni Spotlight: Murad Isgandarli

Murad Isgandarli graduated from Frontier School of Excellence (FSE) in 2014 and is currently a junior at the University of Kansas City-Missouri (UMKC) studying Information Technology and Computer Science.

Murad is grateful that FSE taught and helped him understand the English language through the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program. He passed the final exam in 1 year and received college credits when he enrolled in dual credit and AP courses offered at FSE - this gave him a better understanding of what to expect in college.

After graduating from FSE, Murad accepted Frontier Schools’ part-time information technology internship, where he learned about the industry through hands-on learning and gained 3 years of experience working in the field.

Murad is currently working at Cerner Corporation and he owes this new opportunity to his time and experience spent at Frontier Schools.

“I feel truly grateful for the education and hands-on experience I received at Frontier School of Excellence - it has helped me create the foundation for a successful future.”

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1st Annual Dodgeball Tournament

Frontier School of Innovation Middle hosted their 1st Annual Dodgeball Tournament on March 16th in their school’s gymnasium! Over 200 students and families came out to support and participate in this event. Everyone in attendance had an amazing time - this was a fun and interactive event for students, families and staff members.

There is already excitement and growing anticipation for next year’s Dodgeball Tournament!

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Land of Smiles Show

On March 8th, students enjoyed an entertaining and educational assembly with special guests from the Land of Smiles! The Land of Smiles is an educational touring program from Delta Dental, teaching children how to take care of their teeth. This was a creative and exciting way for our younger students to learn about the importance of dental care.

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Greetings from India!

At the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, Kristen Snyder, former Principal of Frontier School of Innovation Middle and her family relocated to India for her husband’s work. They are enjoying every minute of their new life and adventures!

Currently, the Snyder family is living in a welcoming community located in Hyderabad; the capital of southern India's Telangana State, with fellow expat (expatriates) families from the United Kingdom, Poland, Japan, the Netherlands, as well as other native Indian families. This has given them a great opportunity to get involved with their community and truly immerse themselves into many new cultures.

One of many many local holidays and festivals they have celebrated is Holi, the “Festival of Colors”. Holi signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, and the end of winter – it is celebrated by visiting family, friends and throwing colored powders on each other, laughing, dancing, singing and then sharing Holi delicacies with traditional food and drinks.

Though they are enjoying their time in Hyderabad, they will be relocating later this year to Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of India”!

The Snyder’s are taking advantage of living overseas and are traveling to many other countries, including Asia, and spending time in Singapore.

Some lifestyle differences her family had to adjust to were having a full time driver and full time domestic help. Due to the large population, heavy traffic and the vast amount of dust - having full time help in these areas has been a great benefit!

Another lifestyle difference that their kiddos have been adjusting to, are the food options. While they enjoy rice as a staple dish for theirs meals, thankfully, chicken nuggets and French fries are a universal favorite.

The Snyder family does miss seeing their friends and family and dining out at a few of their favorite restaurants; however, they will be frequenting when they are back in the states this summer!

Mrs. Snyder enjoys spending time at home with her youngest son, Abe, volunteering at her eldest son, Finn’s school, all while working on completing her online graduate classes. Overall, she feels that “this has truly been a wonderful opportunity for myself and my family” and misses everyone and wishes the best for Frontier Schools!

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Pending no future inclement weather, please see below for calendar updates:

Last day of school will be on May 23rd, 2018.

Summer School Dates: May 25th - June 22nd, 2018.


Frontier Families: Together let’s show our support for Frontier Schools! Stop by your school and pick up a sign to place in your yard.
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Home visits continue to go strong at Frontier Schools. Teachers and school staff have visited approximately 768 students in 521 home visits since the start of the 2017-18 school year.

With our diverse student body, home visits are paramount in bridging cultural gaps that might exist. These visits also provide opportunities for staff to understand their students better by visiting them in their home environments. The goal is to foster a true partnership - with both students and their families.

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Importance of Attendance:

Encouraging regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways you can prepare your child for success – both in school and in life. When you make school attendance a priority, you help your child get better grades, develop healthy life habits, and avoid dangerous behavior.

Student Portal:

Attention Parents! Your child must be present at school at least 90% throughout the school year to be promoted to the next grade level. To assist you in monitoring this, we've updated the Attendance Tab in the Student Portal.

Dr. Seuss Day

Students from Frontier School of Innovation Elementary celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday on March 2nd. Classroom celebrations included teachers reading students' favorite Dr. Seuss stories and completing Dr. Seuss themed activities!
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Senior Night

Frontier STEM High School hosted a Senior Graduation Parent Night for students and families on March 9th. During Senior Night, families played sports, video games, and watched a movie before enjoying a dinner together. The evening concluded with an information session.
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Cooking Club

Cooking Club continues to bring excitement to students of Frontier School of Innovation Middle. Each week students learn how to prepare healthy meals with fresh ingredients during their club time. Students really enjoyed eating their homemade pizza creations!

Thank you to our generous sponsors at the River Market - Cristina’s Produce, Al Habashi Mart, Specialita d' Italia Gourmet Italian Grocery & Deli and Pierpont's at Union Station!

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Paws for Reading

Paws for Reading continues to generate excitement and praise among students and teachers alike at Frontier School of Innovation Elementary! Once a month, Emma, the official spokes dog for the program, helps students practice reading aloud to improve their reading and communication skills. This program has been a wonderful way to create a comfortable environment, while students gain confidence with their reading!
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HOSA Missouri State Leadership Conference

Over Spring Break, 22 HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) students from Frontier STEM High School participated in the HOSA Missouri State Leadership Conference in Rolla, Missouri. Students competed in various events, including: Forensic Science, Medical Math, and Nutrition Science. Winners are invited to compete at the International Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas in June.
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Ivy League College Trips

During March 18th through the 21st, students at Frontier School of Excellence participated in the annual Ivy League College Tour. They visited Harvard University, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Boston University, and New York University. Students and faculty advisers also made time to tour New York City, Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. This was an amazing and eye opening opportunity for students.

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Mythology Field Trip to the Nelson-Atkins Museum

On March 1st, Ms. McCormick’s Mythology students from Frontier STEM High School visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art! Students explored art exhibitions with mythology related themes. This was an engaging and exciting experience for students to learn about the historical mythology in a visually cultured environment.

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KU Expo for Engineering

On March 2nd, 8th graders from Frontier School of Excellence attended The Spirit of Innovation, Engineering Expo 2018 hosted by the University of Kansas School of Engineering. Students had a unique opportunity to learn more about science and engineering through demonstrations, hands-on activities, and competitions. This was an informative experience to excite our future engineers!
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MCC Penn Valley Visits FSHS

On March 13th, representatives from Metropolitan Community College (MCC) Penn Valley visited Frontier STEM High School and spoke to seniors. Students were educated about campus life and activities, financial aid and the admissions process. Another great college visit to get students excited for their future!

FSE 11th Grade High School Presentations

On March 15th, Frontier School of Excellence hosted a College Night for junior students and their families. The purpose of this event is to educate and prepare students, parents and/or guardians for their child's senior year.
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University of Central Missouri (UCM) Visits FSHS

On March 7th, De’Angelo Thomas, Admissions Representative from the University of Central Missouri visited Frontier STEM High School seniors. Seniors learned about campus life, financial aid and the admissions process. Seniors are anxious for their first day of college!
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Northern American University (NAU) Visits FSE

On March 15th, Anthony Soriano, Admissions Representative from Northern American University (NAU) visited seniors at Frontier School of Excellence. Students received information on their multiple campuses and online degree options. Students also learned about campus activities, the programs offered, financial aid and the admissions process. This was a great opportunity for seniors to focus on and get excited about college.
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Seniors Visit University of Kansas City-Missouri (UMKC)

On March 6th, seniors from Frontier STEM High School visited the University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC). Students learned about the university's facilities, student life, culture on campus, academics, and the programs offered. Students had an enlightening visit and can't wait to start college!

FSHS Students Visits University of Denver

During Spring Break, seniors from Frontier STEM High School traveled to Colorado to visit the University of Denver. Students received in-depth information about the admissions process and financial aid. Students and faculty members also spent time enjoying the amazing views from Denver's many mountain tops!
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