Bill Koch Friday Program Race!!!

February 19th

What It Is

My name is Emma Strack. For my school, I'm doing a community service project and I chose to work with the Friday Bill Koch program. I am hosting a mini race for ages 6-13 on the last day of practice. This is a fun, relaxed way to experience what a race is like. You do not have to take part of this race but I strongly encourage you to do so. The only thing I ask is to have fun!

Race Descriptions

Kindergartners through 2nd Graders: around Molly's Meadow

3rd and 4th Graders:1 lap of snow making loop

5th and 6th Graders:1 lap of snow making loop

7th and 8th Graders:2 laps of snow making loop

Middle School Racing Team: 2 laps of snow making loop

PRIZES for everyone!

Race Registration

Sign up for a bib number on your age groups sheet.

Skiers will wear bib over regular ski clothing (please return bib at end of race)

Sign up sheets will be in lodge

Parent Help Needed

Please help with:

- lining skiers up

- Handing out prizes

- collecting bibs at the end of races

- recording bib numbers for results

Parents should also feel free to ski race with their skier!