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Green Team Report- The First 100 days

Pleasant Street School is registered with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection as a Green Team school. What this means in our school community is that we have taken steps to reduce our environmental impact through concrete actions. We actively recycle paper, plastics, and returnable bottles and cans. Additionally, food waste from our cafeteria is used by a local pig farmer. With staff guidance from Ms. Stephanie Parker, our school Green Team, is lead by a core group of third and fourth graders. Recyling efforts are also supported within classrooms as children take turns with different helper jobs.

Two students, Daltin and Isaac have prepared a Green Team student report and graph that depicts our paper recycling efforts after the first 100 days. Please click on the links below to read the Green Team student report and graph chart.

Thank you to staff and students alike who have supported our school community's efforts to be more environmentally responsible.

New District Math Program Earns High Marks!

We wanted to pass on these findings of the Eureka Math program from a recent independent study. Essentially major publishers of math curriculum programs were evaluated on alignment to common core math standards, focus, coherence, usability, rigor, and math practice. According to Education Week: "In all, just one curriculum series stood out from the pack... Eureka Math far surpassed all other curricula evaluated." View the complete report at (

We appreciate that this years implementation of a new math program has required a BIG transition for students, families, and teachers alike! We have already witnessed some promising indicators and we are confident that with increased time and directed effort significant gains in student performance will be achieved,

Pictured: a graphic from the EdReports study. The Eureka program was identifed as the only one that meets criteria for alignment to the common core reflected by the green line.

Preschool News!

Puppies in school?...

This past week we had Officers Bill Chapman and Ray Jackson, along with three blood hound puppies, visit the morning session of preschool at Pleasant Street School. Students enjoyed meeting the puppies and learning about their special training as police dogs. Pictured is Bill Chapman and daughter Catarina who currently attends the preschool at Pleasant Street School.

To find out more about what is happening this week at preschool please click on the link below:

Kindergarten Readers

On Monday the kindergarten students from Mrs. Webb's class celebrated Dr. Seuss' 111th birthday by reading to their pre-K friends! The students shared their own version of "The Jacket I Wear In the Snow" and read other fun stories to pre-K! It was so successful that they hope to continue reading with their little buddies throughout the second half of the school year!

"40 Throws" recess fun in Mrs. Morin's Class!

First graders in Mrs. Morin's class learned a new game they named "40 throws" on Friday. The game essentially has two people sitting across from each other each throwing a koosh ball back and forth. We adapted the game to include "back court" players who could get the koosh if it was missed or over thrown. After the two players made it to 40 throws, the backcourt would move up to take a turn and new backcourt players would move in and assist until it was their turn. Yarn balls, squish balls, or anything soft and easily catchable works when playing this game.

February Table of the Month...Goes to Mrs. St. Jean's Third Grade Class!

Family Learning Challenge?!

During the school vacation week we issued a "Family Learning Challenge." We asked for families to please send in "evidence" of a family learning time. This could be almost anything- a reading log, a math journal, a writing journal, pictures of an experiment done together, a visit to the library, and more. All children who participate will be entered into a drawing to receive prizes and each participant will also be recognized at our next all school meeting. Our goal was to encourage family time

Pictured above: a post card from the National Cowboys and Western Heritage Museum that Mrs. Magee toured while visiting family in Oklahoma. Pictured below- images of contemporary art from MassMoCa, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams, MA. Principal Ellis visited MassMoCa during the February vacation where she also saw Mrs. Gospodarek who was taking in the museum.

Scenes from Around the School

We have been busy it has been a real challenge to try to capture it in our weekly newsletter! Pictured to the side: Fourth grade girls in Mrs. Robertson's class "playing school" during indoor recess. Only goes to show you learning can be so much fun!

Meet Challenges and Achieve Success- MCAS- 4th grade writing preparation program!

Friendly reminder- at this point, students should be working on their second essay. We thank families for your support in promoting your child's writing practice and increased success.

Meet Challenges and Achieve Success- MCAS- writing preparation program challenge!

Writing Challenge Packet (This was sent home in hard copy with students on 2/13/15)

Writing Prompts (This was also sent home on 2/13/15).

If you have questions about this 4th grade home writing challenge you can contact the school or feel free to send an email to Principal Ellis at

Community Events & Postings

Do you have news to share or want to inform members of our school community about family friendly events in our area? If, so please email or forward a flyer or link.

Thank you :)

Brain Building in Progress! Plan to attend a free workshop for families with children ages birth to 5. This is being held on March 10th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am and registration is required. for more information click on the link below.

Winter and Spring 2015- Happenings at Valuing our Children- click on the link below to see what is being offered at this wonderful family resource center.

For other local events, happenings, and resources in this area... you can also check the North Quabbin Community Coalition website below:

Upcoming Events...Mark your Calendars!

Upcoming Events and Dates

  • March 11- district half day- noon dismissal, lunch is served
  • March 24- April 6- ELA Spring testing window- look for more specific information
  • April 2, Grade 4 MCAS ELA, long composition
  • April 6, PTO meeting, 6:00-7:00 pm, all are welcome, childcare is provided
  • April 8, School House Rock, Live, Children's play at Mount Wachusett Theatre

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