TCMS Library Update

How can my students and I use the library?

News on...databases and ebooks

Databases and ebooks are great sources of informational text. Remember - these are multiple access resources so your whole class can access at once while you use on the SmartBoard! Many of these resources allow users to manipulate search results by reading level, date, or original publication type/name.

· new databases through NY’s NOVEL consortium (US History, NYS Newspapers, Pop Culture, Popular Magazines, Environmental Studies, 2 "kids" databases)

· new databases and ebooks purchased (Chemical Elements, Chemical Compounds, American Social Reforms Movements, Prejudice in the Modern World, American Decades 1900-2000, Race and Prejudice Literary Themes for Students)

· upgraded version of Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Reminder hall procedures

Monitors, please send no more than 10 kids from your study hall, and a study hall pass with the names of the students we should expect. They will remain with us for the period.

Does your student need a book? Send them with a 10-minute book pass and they will be back at your room in 15 minutes.

Reminder about.....devices

You and your students can check these out!

· Nooks (2 tablets, 2 SimpleTouch)

· iPods (we’re working on this one!)

· flashdrives

· FLIP cameras, digital camera, tripods

Reminder about.....ebooks and audiobooks

We have ebooks (fiction and nonfiction) on the TCMS Library Catalog, to be read on computer screens. See us if you need help checking out!

We also have access to many ebooks and audiobooks on the BOCES Overdrive shared library, for use on your iPad, eReader or music player. These include fiction, nonfiction, summer reading selections, etc. and are for personal or classroom use. Look for BOCES Overdrive on the TCMS Library Website and when prompted for a username and password, use the same data you use when you log in at TCMS. It’s a little complicated to set up initially; see us if you need help!

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