what poetic terms do you understand? give a definition or example of each term.

a.personification-a person or thing

b.simile-a comparison using like or as

c.metaphor-a comparison not using like or as

d.hyperbole-a figure of speech

e.theme-a topic

what are plot elements?

plot elements are the elements on the story map, like climax,setting,theme,cause,conflict,,rising action,falling action,,resolution,and characters.

what do you know about the reading of tools?

the reading of tools are the tools that you use to help you on your work and test,they can also help you do reading logs.

what have you learned about grammar so far this year?

you can use comparative and superlative adjectives,irregular verbs,prepositional phrases,simple and compound sentences,including comma use,and you can use subject verb agreement.

how is a story told in drama?

a story is told in drama by people that act out as a film or play,it is different from other fiction because they are all not the same.